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Flont is pioneering fine "Jewelry as a Service" or JaaS. Jewelry is perfect as a service — it's expensive to own, you need different pieces for different events or outfits, and variety is preferable. Our service also provides fair trade for designers, generating monthly revenue to fund creativity. Flont has exclusive partnerships with leading artisan designers, and we constantly acquire exceptional Vintage and Signed pieces from the world’s best brands. Our expertly curated selection is available to our Members on a monthly basis, and anyone can borrow a jewel for an event or just for fun.

If you fall in love, every piece is yours to keep, at a discount.

Flont Gift Cards are the luxurious and affordable gift — a jewelry experience that will delight any woman. She can experiment with different jewels, and you have the option buy the one she enjoys the most.

Flont is headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. In our bright and beautiful salon, relax in a sumptuous lounge, where you can return or select your next Flont. We have a full service workshop, where we maintain and polish all of our items, to ensure that every jewel is like new, for every client.

Our team of fashionistas and techies do all the work, to provide you with only the best part of the jewelry - the Flont experience!

We make is so easy — by including the FedEx, insurance, a constantly updating collection, and maintenance. For less than half the cost of one piece, our Members can enjoy twelve pieces a year.


Flont promotes fair trade for artisan designers. As consumer traffic moves online, jewelry retailers force designers to finance all the inventory. Designers are often being paid two years after the initial outlay for materials. Some consumers purchase jewelry, only to return it after days or even months of use, borrowing and damaging jewelry at the designers expense.

Flont provides unique financing to its designers - we purchase much of our jewelry up front, and pay a monthly lease on the rest. Designers use this constant cash flow to fuel their creativity, designing wonderful pieces for our clients.


Jewelry sharing promotes sustainability. The sharing concept itself is better for the environment. Each jewel is being enjoyed regularly, by more consumers, rather than spending most of its life in a dark box. We recycle all materials from used-up jewelry, and select designers who use recycled materials. We consider sustainability in everything we do, such as our reusable packaging (see the article “The Beautiful Flont Box You Don’t Get”)

Cormac Kinney, Flont Founder and CEO

Cormac Kinney


Serial software entrepreneur, with a fine jewelry background. 5 startups acquired by public companies

Brooke Magnaghi, Flont Creative Director

Brooke Magnaghi

Creative Director

Former accessories and jewelry editor at W Magazine, with previous tenure at Vogue, WWD and Harper’s Bazaar

Alison Wood, Flont strategic director

Alison Wood

Strategic Director

Former Fashion Director at L'Espresso. Staff: Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan

Adrienne Chan, Flont Marketing manager

Adrienne Chan

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Mimi So International

Jill Heller, Flont vintage jewelry curator

Jill Heller

Signed & Vintage Curator

Owner, Jill Heller Jewelry

Laura Henson, Flont Pubic Relations

Laura Henson

Public Relations

CEO, HvM Communications. Marketing: Hermès, Escada, Ferragamo, Asprey

Salvatore Russo, Flont CFO

Salvatore Russo

Virtual CFO

Partner, Presti & Naegele

Christina Jin, marketing

Christina Jin

Marketing Strategy

Carnegie Mellon

Susan Shin, Flont strategy head

Susan Shin

Brand Strategy

CEO, Shin Advisors